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      1. Magnetic pneumatic box


        Magnetic pneumatic box

        1. Purpose and main functions

        It is suitable for three-phase motor, 50 Hz motor, and DC motor. Starting box has direct starting, star delta starting, autotransformer starting or variable frequency soft starting. There are two types of starting box: wall mounted box type and floor cabinet type, and two protection levels of ip22t and IP44 are optional.

        2. Model meaning

        3. Circuit diagram code

        11: Direct start, irreversible, manual control
        12: Direct start, irreversible, manual - automatic control
        13: Direct start, irreversible, manual control with remote control
        14: Direct start, irreversible, manual automatic control with remote control
        21: direct start, reversible, manual control
        22: direct start, reversible, manual automatic control
        31: Y - △ start, manual control
        32: Y - △ start, manual automatic control
        41: autotransformer primary start, automatic control
        42: autotransformer primary starting, manual automatic control
        43: two stage starting of autotransformer, automatic control
        44: multi stage starting of autotransformer with step-down resistor, automatic control